About Apollo Medical Group

Apollo Medical Group was founded to meet the increasing need for quality anesthesia and operating room management. The OR is typically the number one revenue center in the institution, yet too often is not utilized to its full potential. An efficient, well-run operating room and anesthesia service are fundamental to achieving this goal. We help ensure your success while satisfying regulatory bodies and improving clinical outcomes.

With the many changes occurring in the U.S. health care system, there is increasing pressure for facilities to accept a “one size fits all” approach, with less personalized attention, in order to limit costs. However, our philosophy is that in these changing times, costs can be minimized and profits increased with the opposite approach: tailor-made anesthesia services and personal attention to the needs of the facility.

Apollo Medical Group is led by anesthesiologists who have not only worked with high-caliber surgeons for over a span of two decades but who have also served as hospital leaders in optimizing efficiency and quality in the operating room.

Whether in a full-service hospital or an ambulatory setting, one cannot overstate the importance of experienced anesthesia staffing in order to optimize the delivery of surgical care, expedite recovery, and minimize post-surgical complications. With proper anesthesia management and staffing to fit the particular needs of the facility and surgeons, Apollo Medical Group helps position your institution for continued growth and success.

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